Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Catch Up

I just realized I neglected to blog about our Day family Christmas! This was mine and Carl's third Christmas together :) and our second Christmas with my family. We switch every year which family we celebrate with, and I'm pretty sure I'll grow to love both experiences equally. They both have their own members, traditions, and celebrations that make them unique. You might remember last year's post A Virgin Christmas which included a delightful night of talents. I totally missed that this year!
I forgot we took this silly picture December 1!
Our family always spends Christmas Eve night with as many relatives in the area. We play games, act out the nativity story, and eat lots of food! I'm not sure what this game pictured is called, but you have to use gloves to open all the presents to get to the prize! Only those who roll doubles get a turn :)
Aaron's attempts to open.
Go Carl!
I'm not going to lie, I got pretty vicious trying to open it!
My grandma won!! And cousin Josh is trying to nab the prize...
Mary & Joseph
Madilyn is the director of this nativity ;)
The angel Gaberial comes to the shepherds...? Or sheep dog! ;)
The wise men!
The whole scene :)
Jingle bells!
Mads loves dogs!

This year Carl and I were able to have Christmas morning all to ourselves! It was a delight :) Although we didn't get too much sleep... Carl was up all night with a baby flashlight and his tools putting together my present: a rocking chair!!! (CARL'S NOTE: Assembly not as easy as described!) Poor guy only got about three hours of sleep putting it together quietly, so I wouldn't hear! We went over to my parent's for traditional Christmas morning crepes, skyped with Carl's parents, and headed to Becca's for Christmas dinner.
Our lovely Christmas tree!

My beautiful present from Carl!!
He always takes pictures with a head tilt now! It's super cute.
Excited to open presents!
Toms from Santa!
She didn't quite get into the unwrapping spirit like we thought!
Oogling and talking to her new baby doll!
My dad loves his present from my mom!
As you can tell, we are very tired!
Aaron's favorite present!
Playing Bezzer Wizzer--my dad's present!
No caption needed haha!
Allan's family joined us later at Becca's!
I am looking forward to the new year especially since next Christmas we get to spend it with our little Everest!! We're so excited for 2013 and all the twists and turns we know it will bring.