Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Big 'Ole 2-3!

Wow. I'm 23. I feel like an old person & lately in a lot of my photos my eyes do look old! I'm starting to get a lot of crinkles. I should stop smiling as often ;)

It was a super great day! Carl woke up when I did because he wanted to spend the whole day with me. He loves my birthday more than I do. I speak truth! :) He wanted to give me my presents right when I woke up. He's always so thoughtful about what he gets me. One in particular has blessed both of us. His name is George. George Foreman. And it is AMAZING! (Thanks to Ashley & Ben for introducing it's capabilities into our lives!)
I attempted to make french toast for breakfast, but it turned into scrambled french toast. I didn't want to use the Foreman for fear the egg would get it too gooey. Carl suggested I-Hop and nearly fainted when I said yes! (I'm such a penny pincher sometimes & we don't go out to eat as much as he'd like ;)
I didn't get ready before we left...
He chose a super yummy omelet!

We were settling in to watch an episode of Psych when Ashley, Ryan, and Madilyn dropped by! I love Ashley so so so much (who doesn't love their older sister?) so I think my love for Ryan is so big because he is her son! He sees Carl & I as a pair and will often ask where the other is if we are separate. I love it :) We don't have a lot of toys at our house, but we did have balloons!

We decided to stick with our plan and meet up with my family at Thunder Over Louisville despite the dismal weather. I was super nervous about driving there just the two of us. Last time I went it was on my 18th birthday and someone smashed in my passenger side window to take my purse that just had a library book in it. I like to think they were educated thieves ;) We made it there just fine and honestly had a pretty good time! We didn't dress warm enough and were cuddled in blankets for the majority of the afternoon/night. Here are just a few pictures!

I love my parent's love :)

I love my family SO much and that's all I wanted for my birthday. Carl is the love of my life, and my family is mine forever. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Living on Love

Yesterday morning Carl made us a tad late getting out the door for work and such. The reason?

He wanted to dance with me! :)

He put on Michael Buble's "Smile" and started leading me in an impromptu jive around out bedroom (We had just watched Dancing with the Stars)! Then he put on another song to rumba to which I exclaimed, "We're going to be late!!"

I love my husband. Immensely :)

For those of you who would also like to jive with your significant other :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Realization

During Neil L. Andersen's talk during General Conference, he mentioned that President Monson would frequently remind the brethren to think "what would Jesus do?" I immediately asked Carl if he recalled those bracelets that kids would wear with the acronym "WWJD?" Isn't it crazy--and slightly frightening--what the trend is now? We are not encouraged to ponder what Jesus would do in a situation; rather, it is encouraged that we live our life on the edge without holding back. Popular songs ask us to not uphold obligations, get drunk, and experiment with sex and drugs. In just 15 years or so our world has lost the mentality of thinking what Jesus Christ would do: give service, visit the sick and afflicted, be missionaries to friends and strangers--essentially forget ourselves in the lives of others. He is who we strive to be like every single day of our lives.

Are you remembering to be Christlike?