Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Realization

During Neil L. Andersen's talk during General Conference, he mentioned that President Monson would frequently remind the brethren to think "what would Jesus do?" I immediately asked Carl if he recalled those bracelets that kids would wear with the acronym "WWJD?" Isn't it crazy--and slightly frightening--what the trend is now? We are not encouraged to ponder what Jesus would do in a situation; rather, it is encouraged that we live our life on the edge without holding back. Popular songs ask us to not uphold obligations, get drunk, and experiment with sex and drugs. In just 15 years or so our world has lost the mentality of thinking what Jesus Christ would do: give service, visit the sick and afflicted, be missionaries to friends and strangers--essentially forget ourselves in the lives of others. He is who we strive to be like every single day of our lives.

Are you remembering to be Christlike?


  1. Its so true, maybe we should get some of those bracelets

  2. Loved conference today. We really should bring those bracelets back into style. :)