Friday, August 31, 2012

The Littlest One!

I remember about nine years ago sitting in my living room with my family. We were about to have family scriptures when my parents made an announcement, "In August, we will be having someone come stay with us." We start guessing possible relatives--grandparents, our favorite cousins--but my dad shook his head and surprised us all by telling us we were going to have another sibling. We were shocked! Aaron (the youngest at the time) was about 4 or 5 years old. After seven kids, we were getting the hang of the routine: every two years or so my mom would have a baby, not five years! Needless to say, we were excited but surprised!

And so yesterday, August 30, we celebrated the ninth birthday of our surprise sister, Amelia! Amelia will always be "my little girl." I don't know what I'm going to do when she gets married, let alone starts dating!! I think I will be buying the shot gun! ;) Amelia is very much into ballet, gymnastics, fashion, and playing office with her friends. She's the definition of a little sister (you know what I mean ;) but I love her sweet nature :)

Our family birthdays have an evening routine: a dinner picked out by the birthday person, presents, and cake. Amelia chose to have my dad's famous crepes for dinner and there was no way this pregnant lady was missing out on that! Here are some pictures from the evening:

The birthday girl!

Down right silliness!

Opening her present from the Virgins...

It's fashion!!

She really wanted duck tape.

My dad pretending to have short arms. Ha!

Amelia was very proud of making her tiered birthday cake!

Make a wish!

Aaron's photo bomb.

Our fourth attempt! (Aaron really likes to photo bomb!)

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Fish Castle"

As Carl and I get out of our Jeep and walk towards the Phenix car, all I can hear is Ryan shouting, "Fish Castle! Fish Castle!" For a 2-year old boy, Pro Bass Shop does indeed look like a wooden castle with pictures of fish. For Carl and mine's Saturday outing, we decided to go to Pro Bass Shop! Carl had never been--and it is worth the drive across the river--and we thought it would be fun to invite the Phenix family to come along!

Um, can you tell I'm an obsessed aunt?? ;)

Looking spiffy!

When I asked Ryan to say, "cheese" this was his pose! Too cute!

Feeling cool on "my" camouflage sectional!

Can you see him?? ;)

The shooting range

They were a good team :)

Ben: "A woman after my own heart." Hahaha!

Mini MINI golf!

Ryan's favorite activity

He loved this thing!


By the end, we were tired and hungry, so no group photo this time! Afterwards we went to Famous Dave's to eat. Ben and Ashley had never been before, and it is a favorite restaurant of mine! As the pregnant lady of the group, I was given the privilege to choose! If you want to get your fill of yummy BBQ, Famous Dave's is the place to go! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

La la la la laaaaaaaaaa!

I was uplifted.
I was edified.
I was blown away.
Yes, Carl and I watched Amanda Bodine perform in a opera.

Amanda has been my good friend since high school, and she has always had the most amazing voice in the world. She recently finished her Masters degree in vocal performance and will be moving to California to sing professionally! She recently participated in her school's 2 week summer program where they performed various portions from The Marriage of Figaro. She played the Countess, of course! It was a splendid performance! The last aria she sang kept the audience clapping well into the next scene!! :) It was such a joy to come and support her and her accomplishments thus far while she was close.

I totally forgot my camera otherwise I would give you a picture of Caroline, Michael, Amanda, her wonderfully supportive husband, Barrett, Carl, and myself after the performance. You can listen to some Mozart today instead ;)