Sunday, August 5, 2012

La la la la laaaaaaaaaa!

I was uplifted.
I was edified.
I was blown away.
Yes, Carl and I watched Amanda Bodine perform in a opera.

Amanda has been my good friend since high school, and she has always had the most amazing voice in the world. She recently finished her Masters degree in vocal performance and will be moving to California to sing professionally! She recently participated in her school's 2 week summer program where they performed various portions from The Marriage of Figaro. She played the Countess, of course! It was a splendid performance! The last aria she sang kept the audience clapping well into the next scene!! :) It was such a joy to come and support her and her accomplishments thus far while she was close.

I totally forgot my camera otherwise I would give you a picture of Caroline, Michael, Amanda, her wonderfully supportive husband, Barrett, Carl, and myself after the performance. You can listen to some Mozart today instead ;)

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