Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cheesecake, anyone?

Ah, cheesecake. It's hard to believe that as a youngster I did not enjoy this delectable dessert. Well, it goes to show that you mature with age ;) National Cheesecake Day is a day not taken lightly in the Day household. Cheesecake Factory inspirationally honors this day too by selling half-priced cheesecakes! My parents have gone for awhile now while this only marks mine and Carl's second year.

We met my family at the Factory really late, like 9:00! Come on, that's really late for me to be out! ;) It was a lovely outing of yummy cheesecake and the Olympics!


She loved her so much, she kissed it!

Savin' some for later!

Aaron was the only one to finish his cheesecake! And then he went after Carl's...

That's where it's at!

Happy but tired!
(I sure made my baby happy tonight with some cheesecake!)


  1. I am so upset that I missed this day. Do you realize I almost had cheesecake for my wedding? That's how much I love it. SOOOOOO MUUUUCCCCHH!

  2. WOW your siblings look older and wiser! :) Remember when I came and visited during fall? Anyway, looks like you had fun. Steven and I wanted to go, because we saw it on your fb, but sadly the closest factory is 30 mins away!!! :( sigh