Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Virgin Book of Life, Chapter 4

June 28, 2012
I've been waiting to write this post for about a month now. Carl and I are so so pleased that we will be having a baby!!!! Yesterday was my very first doctor's appointment, and we found out I am about 9 weeks along with the baby being due January 28, 2013. Yup, a day before Carl's birthday! He was ecstatic when I told him :) We know the baby will be born around that time, but it's still close to his birthday. It's still weird to think I'm pregnant though. I obviously don't have a bump, and I feel icky throughout the day. I don't think I've made Carl dinner for the past month! I know this part will be worth it in the end, but we're already excited for the new year to say the least!

June 30, 2012
When you're pregnant you tend to be... well, a lot of things. During this first trimester, I'm good about eating (it helps me from throwing up!) but I'm super picky now about what "sounds good." Ashley invited Carl & I for some pizza the other night, and I ended up not being in the mood for it. I texted my dad that I could really go for some of his strawberry crepes, and told Ashley as well. Next thing I know, Ashley is presenting me with a plate of crepes!!! I about cried! I hadn't asked her to make them, but she did! Even though we both have our own families, she still plays the role of my big sister and takes care of me. I am so blessed to be near family and to have my loving husband during this, er, uncomfortable time in my life!

July 7, 2012
It's been one of those emotional weekends... *sigh* Oh, pregnant hormones, please leave me alone for one day!! ONE DAY!! Ah well, it'll all be worth it in the end... Right??
Lately I've been thinking about the husband's role in pregnancy. In movies (and it seems like in real life too), the husbands take the brunt of this crazy nine month stint. The woman tends to belittle him, thinks he doesn't understand, yells at him... So where in the world do women get the right to say their husband is not part of this pregnancy?? Men seriously go through a rough time as well! No, they don't have a person growing in their stomach. No, they don't have to deal with nausea and other weird bodily aches and pains. And no, they don't have the internal emotional roller coaster. BUT they have to deal with us. And they have to be nice about it. I say they do not get enough credit in the pregnancy. They coddle us and remind us why we are growing this beautiful baby. They hold our hair back as we once again visit the white porcelain of death, rub various parts of our body, or bring us food 24/7. And they have to deal with the crap we put them through. (That's probably the biggest one!) So I say to you, my fellow friends, treat your man RIGHT during pregnancy!! :) :)
I love you, Carl. 

July 14, 2012
We have returned (alive!) from Youth Conference!! We had a wonderful time and loved our role as "Maja and Faja Virgin." Yes, it must be said in an accent. Because of my on and off days, I was really worried about preforming my duties well for that weekend. The night before, I tearfully asked Carl for a blessing. I believed in the blessing for the duration of the conference, and all was well!! I (usually) had enough energy to make it through the day and night, and I was pleasant and (hopefully) fun with our group. We also had a stellar group which made our time there even better. I'm so grateful that we have the power of the priesthood and more importantly that my husband is instantaneously ready to invoke that gift. I know I'll need blessings more than ever for the next while!

July 16, 2012
BEST DAY EVER!! :) We had our first ultra sound today!! We got to our appointment a little early (they kind of said to be), but then it took forever for our name to be called. Carl was using his lunch break to come see our little one, so we were both starting to get anxious and--honestly--aggravated that we had to wait so long. Those feelings did a 180 as we saw our baby on the screen for the first time. Oh, what a moment! Carl grabbed my arm and we were both smiling so big. Our baby is really in there! We think it's the most perfect baby in the world ;)
When they measured the baby, they thought perhaps the due date should be pushed back a week. I guess the baby was smaller than it should be for our January 28 due date. Later when I talked to my doctor, she chose to keep our original due date because I was so sure about my last period date. January 28, you better come fast! ;)

July 29, 2012
14 weeks today! Woot woot! Can I officially say I am in my second trimester now? I'm going to simply because that "means" my nausea will start to decrease ;) This summer has been SO hot and SO dry, and I am SO done with it haha! Carl and I are praying for fall to come soon! I know, we still have at least another month, but we can dream, right? We're both doing well though I still have my little emotional bouts every now and then. What pregnancy would be normal without those? I'm sure Carl will be happy when my normal emotions return ;)


  1. What a great women you are and man Carl is! I am just so tickled that you are pregnant! What a great time and sounds like a trying time this is! How positive you are as you are experience a whole new thing! I am also so excited that you are having it at the end of January!!! Honestly if it ends up on Jan 23rd, I would be even MORE tickled. Your whole family would NEVER forget my birthday haha :) Anyways I am just so happy for you and I LOVE reading your blog! You truly inspire me Alisa!

  2. What?! I didn't even see this post until now!!!! AAAHHH I'm so happy for you!