Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Professional Advice (Hehe!)

Carl and I have been married for 18 months. 18 months! I love it! It's been the most amazing, most trying, more rewarding thing I have ever done, and we still have so many more months and years to come! So I thought Carl and I would make a list of 18 things we have learned so far in our marriage.

This is our serious face.
1. CARL: In the words of Michael Buble, "Try a little tenderness!"
2. ALISA: The age old advice, COMMUNICATE.
3. CARL: Forget yourself in service.
4. ALISA: Read the 5 Languages of Love
5. CARL: Women need to cry. Often.
6. ALISA: Being silly is necessary.
7. CARL: Have FHE every week. Don't miss a single one!
8. ALISA: Think of your spouse's needs before you think of your own. Their's might be more important :)
9. CARL: Tell her she's pretty. Even when she thinks she isn't, but you know she is.
10. ALISA: Always say thank you! Don't let their service go unseen.
11. CARL: Accept that she will constantly look at pictures of babies. And puppies. And you better learn to love it.
12. ALISA: Hold hands always.
13. CARL: Remember she needs to talk. (Alisa insight: And it might need to be with other girls!)
14. ALISA: Don't forget to do your individual scripture study and personal prayers.
15. CARL: Never skip a date night.
16. ALISA: Share your testimonies with each other.
17. CARL: Tell her you love her. Then tell her again.
18. ALISA: Tell him you love him. Then tell him again.

**This list idea brought to you by Angie Roane's blog!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ode to Fall

Carl and I spent our first fall together in Idaho where, as many of you know, tends to skip over fall. And spring. And basically only favors winter. Needless to say our fall here has been absolutely splendid. A couple weekends ago I took time off from planning lessons and grading papers to venture on a hike to Sugarloaf Mountain. Unfortuantly, we neglected to bring our camera, but I assure you the view was absolutely gorgeous! The hike up was somewhat steep, but the view at the top of the mountain was always worth it. The leaves were turning bright colors of red, yellow, and orange and those that had already fallen made a satisfying crunch under our feet. We (jealously) looked on at families hiking together and vowed to take our children hiking one day. (Can you tell we're baby hungry?? haha!) There's something about the combination of nature and humanity that makes the world seem good and whole. We were going to climb up another side of Sugarloaf Mountain the following Saturday, but the weather has started to become cloudy and gloomy--winter is unfortuantly on its way.

Carl and I were discussing the nature of seasons and decided that Heavenly Father was extremely wise to have four seasons. We wouldn't appreciate those bright summer days, the beautiful mixed colors of fall, the frigid winter days when you stay curled up in bed with a good book, or the rebirth of nature that spring brings. It's those little differences in life that really make you appreciate each and every day that you have.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn is ingenious. I purchased a box the other day, and when I popped a bag I couldn't stop thinking about the mechanics of it all. I mean, you have the kernels and hard butter just sitting in a folded up bag. You set the timer for 1 minute, 52 seconds and the heat takes over. The kernels start popping into popcorn, the butter becomes liquid and juicy and the bag expands. All in under 2 minutes. As the timer dings, you pull out your hot, but tasty, snack. It's brillance! It's like an innovative bag of happiness :)