Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Professional Advice (Hehe!)

Carl and I have been married for 18 months. 18 months! I love it! It's been the most amazing, most trying, more rewarding thing I have ever done, and we still have so many more months and years to come! So I thought Carl and I would make a list of 18 things we have learned so far in our marriage.

This is our serious face.
1. CARL: In the words of Michael Buble, "Try a little tenderness!"
2. ALISA: The age old advice, COMMUNICATE.
3. CARL: Forget yourself in service.
4. ALISA: Read the 5 Languages of Love
5. CARL: Women need to cry. Often.
6. ALISA: Being silly is necessary.
7. CARL: Have FHE every week. Don't miss a single one!
8. ALISA: Think of your spouse's needs before you think of your own. Their's might be more important :)
9. CARL: Tell her she's pretty. Even when she thinks she isn't, but you know she is.
10. ALISA: Always say thank you! Don't let their service go unseen.
11. CARL: Accept that she will constantly look at pictures of babies. And puppies. And you better learn to love it.
12. ALISA: Hold hands always.
13. CARL: Remember she needs to talk. (Alisa insight: And it might need to be with other girls!)
14. ALISA: Don't forget to do your individual scripture study and personal prayers.
15. CARL: Never skip a date night.
16. ALISA: Share your testimonies with each other.
17. CARL: Tell her you love her. Then tell her again.
18. ALISA: Tell him you love him. Then tell him again.

**This list idea brought to you by Angie Roane's blog!


  1. You guys are adorable. Thanks for the advice :)

  2. This makes me so, incredibly happy. You guys better write something like this for me when I get married. Congrats on 18 months!

  3. So sweet!
    P.S. 5 Languages of Love is 'da bomb!