Sunday, December 9, 2012

December showers bring... wedding bells?

Angela is about to get the phrase "You're next!" when Annie gets hitched NEXT FRIDAY!!! :) Saturday we had a bridal shower to get the festivities started! It was a great mix of family, YSA friends, and old friends (as in Annie has known them for a long time!) We played a game called "He Said, She Said" were guests had to guess which statement was made by the groom or bride on Facebook. Their personalities are different enough that this was a pretty easy to guess who ;) The second game was Love Bingo, a wedding twist on your typical Bingo game! Guests listened to statements about either the bride or groom and held up the name they thought corresponded. If you were correct, you got to mark out a square on your Bingo card. It was a delightful shower and made me even more excited for Annie's marriage!! Stay tuned for 12.21.12 :)

Guests (1)
Yes, Madilyn was invited to the big girl party ;)
Guests (2) And Annie!
Guests (3)

Guests (4)

He Said, She Said game

Love Bingo
I believe this particular statement was "obsessed with the way towels are folded."
Annie was indeed the right answer ;)

The lovely bride!

She was really excited about the waffle iron :)

Sisters! (Minus Angela)

Hosts & Bride!

YSA gals!

Moms :)


  1. LOVE THIS! LOVE that your sister is getting married LOVE you! Love your belly!!! Love this post! haha anyway, I am sooo excited for Annie, she will LOVE love LOOOOOOOOVE being married!!

  2. PS you need to tell annie to start a blog :D Its the married thing to do ;)