Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lessons from 4-year olds

Today was our last day as Sunbeam teachers! It was very bitter sweet. Although we're excited about not having to be super prepared with dynamite lessons every week, we will miss our little group of 4-year olds. Well, little group might not be the right adjective... We bounced from ten kids to five to seven in about a eight month span. Needless to say, we have learned a lot from all of them! Here is an accumulated list of what Carl and I learned from our little ones:
1. CARL: Always bring enough pink hand outs. Crying will ensue if a female does not get a pink one.
          Accordingly, never try to give a pink hand out to a boy. More crying
          will ensue.
          Better yet, don't do anything in color. White is your best option.
2. ALISA: Regardless of what children's books say, there is somehow always enough room on your lap for a child. Even if you are with child.
3. CARL: Anticipate the answer, "And be nice." This is a more common answer than your standard seminary responses.
          Oh, and each child must have their turn to say it.
4. ALISA: Coloring pages are an essential part of your lesson.
5. CARL: If a boy says he's a lion, he's a lion. No questions. Just tell them lions have to behave in church too.
6. ALISA: Teach them to raise their hands. (We didn't enforce this soon enough!)
7. CARL: All the girls love Kasen (the only boy in the glass), but "Broder Birgin" is handsome too.
8. ALISA: Every home-drawn picture you receive is a treasure :) We loved when they brought us their art work!
9. CARL: When parents say, "They are potty trained" they mean, "When they are with me, they are potty trained." Bring a change of pants for yourself. Your lap is more cozy than porcelain. 
10. ALISA: Show them all the love in the world :)

What will our next Primary adventure be?? And will it be in the near future or when we are old and grey? One thing is for sure, we learned from those simple lessons just as much as our little ones did. It was inspiring to recognize how a simple an idea can be so powerful.


  1. I love this. (sorry for my child being the one to fit on your lap even though you were with child) lol thank you for teaching Halle all she knows and teaching her to love church. you guys are the best!