Monday, January 14, 2013

The Pregnancy Woes

Week 38. I have been growing a little baby boy inside of me for 38 weeks now. Can you believe it?? Carl and I still can't wrap our heads around the fact that we will be bringing home our baby in the flesh in 2 weeks time. (Well, I hope it won't be exactly 2 weeks!) He's super excited, but I'm getting way antsy. Lately I've been thinking of all the things I will be able to do that I haven't for 9 months or less. It's consuming my mind so much that I decided a list was in order. So I present to you my "Top 6 List of Things I'm Excited for After Baby's Birth." (That was kind of a lengthy title...)

I know, I'm huge!!
6. Zantac will no longer be my best friend. I have never had an issue with indigestion. It was a foreign word to me. When I approached my twenty weeks, I needed to take Zantac about 3 times a week. Now I take it every day. It's no fun relying on meds for physical happiness!

5. I won't waddle. Carl and I (finally) registered at Target a couple weeks ago, and as I was coming back from the bathroom he watched me with this silly smile on his face. I--thinking he was having sweet thoughts about me--asked what was up. He stated, "I think you're waddling now." Oy vey.

4. I will be able to eat raw dough. I love to bake, and pregnancy hasn't stopped me from baking too much. But when I bake, I am a habitual bowl-licker. I can't tell you how many times in the beginning weeks of pregnancy I was seriously mid-lick before I realized I probably shouldn't subject my baby to raw eggs.
**And there is no way I am making egg-less cookie dough just so I can pig out!

3. Getting dressed won't be such an emotional issue. Okay, let's be honest, even after Everest is born I'm going to have weekly fights with my closet. But seriously, it is way hard to look through your clothes the last month of pregnancy and realize that absolutely nothing fits but the same sweatshirt you've been wearing for the past week. (And even that sweatshirt is starting to show off my mid-drift! Did you see that picture of me above?)

2. Laying on my stomach won't be a burden. I know you're thinking, "Hey, you have a baby in your stomach. There is no way you would think to lay on your stomach." Let me tell you, my friends, up until the 30 weeks I would seriously forget I had this baby belly and start lying down on my stomach! (Pregnancy brain!!) I have no idea why I like to do things while laying on my stomach, but it has seriously been a sacrifice not to. You know exactly what I want to do when Everest comes out ;)

1. I can work out as hard as I want. Up until a few weeks, I was still do mild work outs every morning. Nothing crazy, but enough to get my blood flowing and my endorphins going. When my blood pressure started acting up, I had to stop. I think it's been a month or so since I've last worked out, and I am dying to put on my tennis shoes and break into a huge sweat. There is something satisfying about working out! (I know some of you are saying, "Mmmm hm!" right about now :) As soon as I'm cleared, Everest and I are going to be on the go!

This post was more to vent out some emotional frustrations, but I am honestly SO grateful to have this baby inside of me. I realize that it is such a blessing to bring a life into this world, and I would not trade this ability for anything. Carl and I are excited expectant parents, though we do realize we're blissfully ignorant of many baby issues to come ;) Hopefully my next post will include baby pictures! Here's to surviving 2 more weeks!! :)

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  1. ALISA!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!!! Oh my, I LOVE how cute you look in this picture!!
    And wow I can't believe you will be having your baby so soon!! I am personally hoping that sweet little Everest will be born on January 23 ;) haha We can share bdays!!! Whoot whoot!!
    I was thinking about that yesterday, not being able to sleep on my tummy when I become pregnant... oh dear! That is the only way I sleep! Maybe I should start training myself so when the time comes I will be prepared! :D
    and Girl! If you lived here, we would eat raw dough together after you had little Everest!!! :D