Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Virgin Christmas

This Christmas was my first year away from my family. It was quite a novelty to say the least! The Virgin family has traditions for what seemed like each night of the week including a white elephant, a nativity scene, and a talent show. Now each of these events have unspoken specifications (or so it seemed) so Carl led and guided me through the experience. The talent show, for example, means show the family any uncanny skills you possess! It was a spectacular night full of surprises and laughs. Below is a 12-minute bit of some events from the night!

Carl and I decided to make up a family song for ours and it ended up being a big hit! Well, Carl made up the song; I assisted. You might not be able to understand all of Carl's lyrics (he didn't have time to practice) but it's full of family experiences and inside jokes. Also, to clarify Carl's ending verse, I am NOT pregnant. We just wanted to tease the family!


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  1. haha I liked the outburst pf screams that occured at the end of that song! What a funny little teaser ;)