Thursday, November 1, 2012


Carl and I have had quite the October month! Carl absolutely loves Halloween, and I think he fostered this love from his mom. (You should see her home decorations!!) We watched a handful of scary movies together, though Carl watched even more on his own! He's a brave soul. Our collected movie watching included:
  • The Ghost of Mr. Chicken
  • Dark Shadows (stupid, stupid movie)
  • Clue
  • The Others
  • Six Sense
  • Devil
  • "And Then There Was Shawn" (Boy Meets World, ya'll!)
  • Hocus Pocus
  • House on Haunted Hill
We only watched half of The Others and I fell asleep during House on Haunted Hill since we were watching it in bed after my "bed time." But it's safe to say that I never peed my pants during any of the scarier movies and I was able to use the bathroom in the middle of the night without bringing Carl along to protect me from the looming characters of my imagination ;) I think I am becoming more brave!

Halloween Day Carl and I completed our tradition of pumpkin carving! This started our first year dating actually! We buy just one pumpkin and together decide what we want to carve. This year's pumpkin is probably my favorite! Carl get an awesome job on his eyes. I can't remember what we named him... pregnant brain at it's finest!!

Our babies ;)

He's so handsome!
Carl said, "Look! He's eyeing our lunch!"
All lit up!

We ended the night with 50 cent corn dogs from Sonic and "And Then There Was Shawn" and Hocus Pocus! A great night to end a super fun month!  
Happy November 1!!


  1. Lovely! I miss you and your pregnant belly. Just so you know. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! haha that picture is so cute with you and carl with her bellies and the pumpkin! I am glad you enjoyed your halloween! We never watched any halloween movie, I wish we had! :)