Friday, November 2, 2012

Diary of a Pregnant Lady

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all TMI on you. In fact, if you've noticed, I haven't talked too much about my pregnancy. Not because I'm ashamed of it (I'm ALREADY the PROUDEST mama EVER!) but because this life I am growing inside me is an individual. In this world abounding in social media, it's far too easy to let your personal life become public. Besides, how am I to know what he wants others to know? ;) However, some thoughts just need to be written down. Hence, this post. Here are the big changes I see in my life thus far:

1. My belly button has a mind of it's own. I previously had an innie belly button. A deeeeep innie. I knew that when Everest started growing bigger, my belly button would become more shallow. But it's gone further that. I have these odd lines around it from all the deep skin inside that little hole. That made no sense, I know. Carl is obsessed with it because of it's huge change! (For Ashley, Becca, Angela, and my mom, "I think my belly button has stretch marks.")

2. I hate pants. I love clothes shopping. More than anything. Sometimes I wonder if I should have majored in something that had to do with shopping. Now that my large belly is lower and my hips are becoming wider, I really don't enjoy shopping. You might think, "Oh good, that will save your bank account!" Just wait until you get to #4. And I could really use some good maternity clothes, but I really don't want to even peek inside a dressing room.

On the other hand, I love love buying clothes for Everest. I went to a consignment sale a month ago and went a little crazy (but stayed in the budget Carl gave me, thank you very much). Funny fact though, I need to hide the clothes or else I want to buy more. His clothes to be are hiding in the green suitcase on my side of the closet. Just in case you want to know ;)

3. I am a leaky faucet. Oy vey. Why does Carl leaving for work have to such an emotional moment for me now?? Of course before this I was a little sad he left but not in a sobbing, the-world-is-ending sort of saddness! I'm surprised my tear ducts aren't shriveled up! Poor Carl, he has endured tear-soaked sleeves and has handed me many a tissue for silly, absurd situations.

4. I have a desperate need to craft. I think many would characterize this as nesting. We are currently living in a one bedroom apartment, so there is no way I could put together a baby room at this point. But I honestly feel a real pull to whip up pillowcases or holiday decor all the time. Thank you, Pinterest.

5. My stomach moves. This is quite a recent development! Before I could just feel his internal movements from his punches and kicks, but now, if I lay on my back after eating, I can SEE my stomach move up! I think it's safe to say this is the oddest thing my body has ever done.

6. I put on my shoes like Mr. Rogers. When it comes time for me to bend over for whatever circumstance, my belly immediately stops me. And for some reason it surprises me every time! You'd think I'd know not to go that route any more. So when it comes to putting on shoes, I have to sit down and cross one leg over the other. It's no wonder I feel like an old man sometimes ;)

Well, there you have it! My internal diary put to words. All in all, I am so happy to be pregnant and give birth to this little boy in three months!


  1. Oh my gosh Alisa! You are SOOOO cute!!! :) I really enjoyed this actually! It interesting to have a friend go through this! :) I am glad that you share some of this stuff with me and who ever is reading! I am REALLY excited for you and Carl to have this baby! I was talking to Steven last night telling him that when I have a baby my emotions are going to be off the handle at times haha. I think it helps the future mommy and daddy prepare to have a baby because there are a LOT of emtions that go into being a parent. And I think you learn a little about emotions on each pregnancy (just assuming though haha). ANyway great blog!

  2. This was SO CUTE! It was so nice to hear all these fantastic things about you and your pregnancy. It's interesting to speculate what it'll be like for me someday. :)

  3. Awww, that was really cute. Especially the belly button and shoes. I'm so happy for you :)