Friday, November 16, 2012

The Last Virgin

This past weekend the last Virgin boy got hitched!! Carl and I had the grand opportunity to go to Utah and engage in the wedding festivities for Keith and Makenzie! It was a beautiful sealing with lovely--but snowy and cold!--weather as per usual for Utah. It was so good to visit with the Virgin family and be united for a brief time. I ended up getting a cold halfway through our stay, so sadly my only pictures are from the wedding festivities.

Waiting for the new Mr. and Mrs. Virgin to come out!
The kids adore these guys! (And Austin secretly loves Makenzie! ;)

The girls couldn't get over Princess Makenzie!
Sneakin' a picture of us ;)

The Virgin boys!

All the boys (plus my pregnant belly haha!)

Carl & Quinten!!

Looking zazzy!

The Virgin family!!

Where there are Virgins, there will be dancing!

The little ones!

Austin & Ellie are perfect dance partners!
Keith is practicing his cake smashing skills!

The bouquet toss!

Compliments of the Virgin boys :)

Good work, boys!
We're so excited to have Makenzie in the family!
I was able to squeeze in some time to see friends who we left behind in Utah! It was so good to reconnect; it almost made me want to move to Utah ;)


  1. Great post but ALMOST? Almost make you want to move here? PSSSSHHHH! :P ;) Love you! And I am so glad I got to see you. And congrats to Keith!

  2. yeah I agree with Cailtlin, want to move here???? :D I honest would LOVE nothing else!! But I love the pictures and I am happy for Keith, even though I don't know him. BUT I know that marriage is a sweet thing!
    Thanks for spending some time with me Alisa and it was good to see Anna to with her kids! How fun! :D

    LOve ya Alisa!!