Friday, October 19, 2012

The name is Alisa... Aunt Alisa.

I think many know of my obsession of being an aunt. Oh my goodness, it's my greatest pride and joy!!! I never thought I'd be like this with my siblings children, but I totally am. I love my Imogen, Ryan, and Madilyn (Mads) SO much. And because of my adoration, here are some cute pictures of "my" little ones taken in the past couple of months!

Carl's candid shot of Imogen
He took it and said, "Look how cute she is!"
I love how she lights up when she loves something!
You should see her outside! It's like she belongs there!
This is Mad's famous picture.
Rock on.

Ryan doesn't know that Captain America is actually beardless.

I just love the little joys in life, especially these little ones! :) I can't believe I'll have my own little one in 3 months!! I am so blessed by family!


  1. LOVE AND CUTE!!!! I only have one nephew but we LOVE LOVE HIM!!!!

  2. So cute! I absolutely love this sweet post. You're such a good Aunt. Can you imagine that the love you feel for your little nieces and nephew will MAGNIFY for your own little one? By like...A MILLION? So cool.

  3. They've grown up so much since I've seen them. You're a great aunty, just like you're going to be a good mommy. I personally can't wait to be an aunt so I can spoil the little ones!