Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blue or Pink?

Carl and I will find out the gender of our baby THIS Tuesday, September 11!! We could not be more excited. Throughout the pregnancy, we have both gone back and forth between what gender we would prefer, but honestly we are just excited to have a baby :) We thought it would be super fun to dig into some old wives tales and see what they say the gender of our baby will be. We're adventurous like that ;) We have some experimental predictions mixed in with the basics (i.e. how you carry the baby, etc.) so you are in for a treat!! Here was the run down:

Monday, September 3
Thanks to Adrienne for telling me about this old wives tale! Here's the run down: Measure out a tablespoon of baking soda and add some of your urine. If the baking soda bubbles a lot, it's supposed to be a boy; if it doesn't bubble a lot or at all is supposed to be a girl.
Our verdict?

Initial pouring of the liquid, there was no bubbling. It kind of bubbled in the corner, but really, there was no bubbling to be found! 
Results: GIRL

Tuesday, September 4
This is a tough test for me. The rule is if you crave sweet foods, it's a girl, and if you crave salty or sour things, it's a boy. I could seriously go either way. Here are my reasons why:
-- In my first trimester, all I really ate were potato-like substances: potato soup, potato salad, and especially potato chips! No crackers for me; it was potato chips all the way!
-- Currently, I am LOVING my sweets! I perk up if anybody says the words ice cream, cookie, chocolate chips, cheesecake... you name it, I will want it! I think my body thinks it needs sweets!
-- I love love love graham crackers with crunchy peanut butter and loaded with chocolate chips. That is sweet and salty!
However, here is the tie breaker:
I am obsessed with sour or vinegar-y foods. Pickles, lemons, BBQ sauce, a tart Granny Smith apple literally make my mouth water. Just thinking about it my mouth is watering!! I've always liked a lemon wedge in my water, but if we go out to eat I ask the waiter to bring out a bowl of lemons. Seriously. My family can verify my pickle craving. And Carl can testify to my constant desire to go to a BBQ restaurant.
To top it off, today I bought one of mine and Carl's favorite treats. I had a real hankering for it!
Oh, yeah :)
Results: BOY         
**If you think about it, shouldn't my baking soda in the previous test have bubbled since my urine is supposedly more acidic due to my cravings? Food for thought :)

Wednesday, September 5 (Happy birthday, Erin Stolworthy!)
I know you have heard of this one! Directions are to put a ring on a string and have someone else hang the ring over your belly. If the ring moves in a circle, it's a girl; if it moves back and forth it's a boy.

We used some thread since there was no string to be found (our other option would have been twine!), and we used Carl's ring since mine obviously has a diamond at one end. I didn't know if the unbalanced weight would effect our outcome. The ring moved back and forth for us! After awhile, Carl purposely moved it in a circle and gasped, "Oh no! What's it doing? It's switching!" Haha! Such a kidder ;)
Results: BOY

Thursday, September 6
This is an old wives tale I had heard about but found it has two parts: if you carry high, then it's a girl; and if you carry low, it's a boy. If your most of your weight is in the middle, then you're having a girl; if most of your weight is in front, then you are having a boy.

K. So here's the deal. I'm carrying the baby normal. (Is that even possible? Judge for yourself.) Carl and I consulted my mom and Ashley and they also agree. If we had to choose--which for this post we must--we're going to go with high. And Carl and I are both in accord that I am carrying my weight in the middle. That's two for two on this old wives tale for a...
Results: GIRL

Friday, September 7
Oooo, I was SO excited to do this old wives tale because of how quirky is sounded! Have any of you even heard of this one?? It's a great find for sure! And what an awesome way to spend your Friday night ;) Here is the how to:
1. Buy a head of cabbage
2. Urinate in a cup.
3. Chop half of the cabbage
4. Put the cabbage in a large saucepan and cover with cold water.
5. Place the pan over high heat until it reaches a rolling boil.
6. Remove the pan for the heat and let cool for 10 minutes.
7.  Mix one part cabbage water with one part urine.
8. Scrutinize the urine/cabbage water. If the liquid is pink to red, you're having a boy. It the color is more purple, it's a girl.

This is truly my concoction haha!
Looks kind of purple-y to us...
Here's a better view.

Results: GIRL

Saturday, September 8
This is an old wives tale that I semi-believe in simply because it was true for my mom and Ashley. And my pregnancy is supposed to be kind of like theirs, right? The guideline is if you did not have much morning sickness, it's a boy; however, if you did experience a good deal of morning sickness, it's a girl.
I am one blessed pregnant lady. The only time I have thrown up during this pregnancy was at my first doctor's appointment after they drew five million tubes of my blood. (Okay, I'm exaggerating. I'm really bad when it comes to my own blood. I'm a big wimp.) That's not to say I didn't feel sickly or nauseous periodically for these past 5 months, but I have never felt sick enough to make a trip to the white porcelain.
Results: BOY

Sunday, September 9
You know what they say, save the best for last! The Chinese Calendar is known to be 90% accurate when it comes to determining the sex of your baby. Pretty sweet, huh? Adrienne said this calendar was spot on for her two boys; however, Caroline said this method of predicting was wrong for her little Charlie. (Just so you are aware of the odds!) It's a simple chart: Plug in your age (23) and month of conception (April), and you have your gender.

Results: BOY
We were tied up until this last test, so we are 60% sure our ultrasound technician will reveal our baby to be a boy ;)

So what will it REALLY be?? :) We trust the ultrasound a lot more than these fun, but silly, wives tales. I mean, they can actually see the baby haha! We had so much fun doing these tests though. Your predictions and comments are welcome, of course!


  1. I'm so excited to find out!!!! I only disagree with you on one thing-that belly looks awfully high to me! I carried one of my boys so low he was practically sitting on my lap for the entire pregnancy! ;) So my vote for your belly location is girl.

    1. I'm sticking with high then! :) That one was a tough call for some reason!

  2. OH wow! This is so neat! JUST because you did this, now I am dying to know what is the gender of your little baby. :) You should let me know, or maybe I will just text you that day to find out. :) Either way I am sooo excited for you Alisa! You will make a wonderful mom!
    PS you look soooo cute in your picture! :)