Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And the baby is a lady...

This Sunday we had our gender reveal party for my family! It was so much fun! During the week it was so hard not to tell my mom!! I thought time and again that this party was a dumb idea, that I just wanted to burst with the good news, but all in all I'm glad I had the par-tay!

We first divided the fam into two teams: Mustaches (boy) or Hair bows (girl). For some reason it's a lot more fun to play with a mustache than a hair bow ;) We played a Baby Trivia game, and then had each team create our future baby out of magazine clippings. Finally, we revealed our baby's gender! I took many pictures throughout the evening, so here are a few to highlight. Enjoy!! :)

Boy or Girl? ;)
What's not to love? :)
Baby trivia game (Team Hair bow minus Angela)
Team Mustache!
Team Mustache creating our future baby!
Team Hair bow creating our future baby!
Team Mustache: We love the arms!
Team Hair bow

We love the bum ;)
Shadow is trying to sniff out what color the balloons are!
Carl: "And the baby is a lady..."

"...lady killer!" AKA A BOY! :)
Just kidding. We're having a Ryan ;)
He really loved this box!
A mustache for all! :)
Angela celebrating!


  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! That looks like it was a fun party! YAY BABY BOY! YAY YOU TWO!!

  2. I like the mustaches a lot! Congrats on the lady!

  3. Yay! Congrats Alisa and Carl, how exciting! :)

  4. Alias I'm so happy for you. yay!!!! I can't wait to see pictures and meet the little guy!

  5. OH What an AWESOME idea for a party and really neat games! When I have a baby, I will want to take your ideas!!! :) Seriously too cute! Okay a couple things 1. Love the shirt carl 2. Love the mustache and bow idea! 3. YOUR DAD LOOKS LIKE AARON! Or rather, Aaron looks JUST like your dad! 4. Love the way you revealed it! 5. Alisa why are you SOOOO STINKING CUTE/ADORABLE!!!??? 6. Love the bum Amelia it showing hahahah 5. And your first family picture with mustaches for all three of y'all, SOOOOO CUTE!!! 6. I wish I could have been there, oh how I wish we lived closer. 7. I miss you and Carl. 8. Are you tired of my numbering things? haha Okay anyways CONGRATS and I am sooo happy for you the Three of you! :D That baby is sooo blessed to be born with such AMAZING parents! He will be blessed!!!!!