Sunday, September 23, 2012

You're only 3 once!

Ryan Phenix is the cutest boy in the world. We put puzzles together ("Match it up!"), build domino structures in different shapes, play monster truck, and dance. Every dance move I do, he imitates. He's going to be the slickest dance in the world when I'm done ;) Ashley and Ben had a family party for his third birthday (which is September 24) yesterday, and he was living in the moment yelling, "Happy birthday!" to every one. I think by the end of the night he realized it was his happy birthday :) I love him so much!!

I can't help but to take 5 million pictures of her!!

Annie & the birthday boy!

A manly gift from Adam & Brianna!

He received a lot of puzzles.

His current love: Helicopters

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

He seriously waited like this for 5 minutes while Ben took out his new helicopter toy! So darling!

Our balloon was a big hit with Imogen!

Silly Tim!

Mi madre and padre <3

Ben & Ryan intently lighting 3 candles.

He sang "Happy Birthday" along with us!

I wish I got a better picture of this!
He was clapping along with everyone after he blew out the candles!

Mads & Ashley!

Nakey baby & Tim!

Enjoying his birthday treat! :)


  1. How come there are never any pictures of the beautiful photographer ;)

  2. haha I agree with Carl! :) So fun!!! :D I love seeing pictures of your family!