Monday, January 30, 2012

Girl's Night! (and Carl)

We have been living in Kentucky for... 27 days now! We've pretty much settled into our apartment (it's a lot bigger than our previous one), got into the groove of our jobs (it's amazing we're not school anymore), and have connected with my family once more! We had Annie, Angela, and Autumn over last Friday night to hang out with us. We don't see them much because of our work schedules, so we thought it'd be good to reconnect with them. Carl is an absolute HAM with the girls and they love his crazy sense of humor almost as much as I do. Hey, it's what caught my eye in the first place! You know what I am talking about, ladies ;) We had a really fun night with promises of sleepovers in the future.

Big eye!

Big nose!

Of course, Autumn had get in on the fun!

The girls!
My favorite!

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  1. Can I have a girls night with you too?! Where are you working now Alisa?