Thursday, February 2, 2012

Technological Musings

So I almost labeled this post "A Crisis," but decided that would be be a bit dramatic, but... I did just lose my phone :( I am seriously one of the most forgetful people in the world, and I really have been doing quite well keeping track of my belongings. I'm guessing I somehow let my phone slip and fall on the ground while coming into our apartment, and now it is gone. I hope whoever took it instead of turning it in to the manager enjoys it because I LOVED MY PHONE! Anyways. Now, I know all is not lost and I can get a new one, but it's still a little disheartening not to have a faithful side kick in my back pock at all times.

It is ironic that yesterday--when I thought I just forgot my phone at home--I was thinking about how dependent we are on our technological devices. And seriously, all would agree that they probably rely too much on their phone/computer/iPad/etc. I remember the days when it would suffice to simply call my boyfriend on the house phone once a night. No texting, no picture messaging, just one call. Are we so dependent--not so much on our phones--but on feeling connected every second of the day? I still felt connected to my boyfriend who received the once-a-night phone call. So what's the difference? Are we no longer confident in our own thoughts, opinions, and ideas? Perhaps in this ever changing world we need to feel that we're not alone. It's a rather bizarre thought to have.

I didn't have a very high-tech phone. I only used it for calling, texting, and an occasional picture message. It just feels strange to not instantly text my sister when I have a question or text Carl during the work day to see how he is doing. My phone allows me to be connected to my family and that's all that really matters to me; they are my number one priority in life.

What are you connected to?


  1. I DIE without my phone...literally. I go into panic mode when I think I left it at home or something. Pathetic and true.

  2. Losing your phone is THE WORST! I was without mine for probably not even 15 hours, 8 of which I was asleep and it was awful.