Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorry, Ben Franklin, it's just too much!

Carl and I are about to revert to using candles. Yup, just like in the good 'ole days! Ben Franklin's discovery might have been great 1700s, but in 2012 opening the electricity bill is too big a hardship!

Ick, I really hate bills. It's the one kind of mail you don't want waiting for you in your mailbox. In Idaho (where is it much much colder and for a longer period of time) we barely paid anything for our gas and electric. We had a pretty good system going on! Now in Kentucky, where is it not as cold and we really aren't home as much, we are paying a fortune. I'm not sure how the system is different between the two states, but you can bet we will be praying for warmer weather in the near future!

Forgive me for my ranting, but it was much needed for my soul. Today's secret of happiness? Live somewhere super warm ;)

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