Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A January Celebration

I've really been into creating mini movies lately. I'm not sure what the cause is. When talking to Carl about it, he stated that I've always been into creating movies and reminded me of mine and Erin's past time of filming and piecing together movies. Good thing my husband remembers my past better than me ;)

Last month you were able to witness the Virgin side and their silliness as displayed in our talent show; this month you will receive the Day side! My parent's 27th anniversary was January 4, and I decided to document the occasion. I know that was 2 weeks ago, but I never got a chance to film Carl and myself that night. I meant to do it later, but our life has been crazy busy as of late, so we're still not on the film. You'll have to live without us this time! Here's a 5 minute recap of the night:

My favorite thing about our family is the love we have for each other. You might think that 10 intermediate family members PLUS 3 in-laws PLUS 2 and half nieces/nephews makes your love rather thin. On the contrary, it grows ever deeper. Our love shows in a variety of ways, but it's always present. It's what I love about living here in Kentucky.

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  1. I love your videos and you guys! My favorite thing about our extended family is the sheer and utter chaos when everyone gets together. :)