Friday, July 5, 2013

Virgin Party of 3

My dear dear cousin reminded me the other day that I haven't updated my blog in awhile! How true that is! My last post was about Everest's prom date, and now he is 5 months old!! Somehow I neglected to blog about our 3 year anniversary which was extra special because there were three of us to celebrate! We kept it very simple and enjoyed spending time together.
We were putting together hanging plants for our porch.
Carl made my favorite meal: steak fajitas!
A flattering shot of both of us, I know ;)

3 candles, 3 years, 3 Virgins!

We all made a "family birthday" wish!
We had a summer Virgin gathering in Maryland in June, so we had our first airplane trip with Little Man! It could've gone a lot smoother expect I stressed out too much the on the flight to Maryland. My life would be a lot easier if I just took more deep breathes. We have discovered Everest is a very aware baby (he's constantly looking this way and that) so imagine his constant head turning to look at everything in an airport. By the time we got on the plane we was worn out, but, again, was in a new situation and couldn't calm himself enough to sleep. Thankfully he didn't cry, but it took Dad (AKA Carl) to settle him down.
Unfortunately, I lost our camera a week after the trip so I have no visual documentation of our trip. We went to the DC Zoo, hiked Sugarloaf Mountain, arm wrestled cousins, and got to catch up with all the Virgin family.We had such a good time!

The Virgin clan! (Photo compliments of Anna)
The Virgin cousins (with one more due this fall!)
Close to the time Everest turned 4 months old, he developed a cold (I know, a cold in the summer??) and just recently got over it. We've been having to deal with sleep training all over again; I guess because the sickness messed with his system. It's been far too long since I've had a lengthy amount of sleep. I think the longest stretch to date is 2 1/2 hours. I'm starting to crave 8 hours of sleep!! One day, one day.
Everest is now 5 months old and has a few tricks up his sleeve! He can push up onto his hands on his tummy, can sit up unattended for longer than a minute, push things away he does not want, smile at lovely ladies, and is an expert at peek-a-boo with Dad. We love him dearly!!

We can't get over his sweet smile!
He is definitely a talker! Well, baby talk that is!
Rice cereal beard!
Sitting by himself!!
Ev's first 4th of July!
Love my sweet boy!


  1. That is one DANG cute baby and I can't wait to see him and his parents sometime this summer!

  2. You're welcome ;)

    He's already grown so much since your last set of pictures!