Saturday, May 11, 2013

Everest's First Date

When you have an attractive father (like Everest does), you will naturally get his dashing good looks. So of course Everest has already attempted to go on his first date! Angela went to prom this year, and Everest wanted to step in as her date. Unfortunately nobody gave him the memo that Stephen had already asked her to prom. Um, awkward. Here's how the night went down:

Everest knocked on the door, but Angela wasn't ready yet. He was invited in.
He brought a beautiful arrangement of fake flowers. (Yeah, we'll tell him to go with the real thing next time!)
He quickly learned the art that all men must learn: how to wait on a woman.
And then she arrived!! And she was as beautiful as an angel!
Then Everest squared off with his competition, Stephen, who also decided to go with a spiffy bow tie.
Looks like Angela chose to go with Stephen!

Everest did what any baby would do after rejection: sit on the couch with his dad.

Little did Angela know, Everest was Prince Charming in disguise!
We're not quite ready for Everest to go after the ladies yet, but we do hope he is a lady's man! ;) Until next time!

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