Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pintrest Perfection

I, like my good friend Caitlin, finally sorted through my "craft board" on Pintrest and completed a craft! It was simply exhilarating. No joke. I'm planning another craft session for myself next week!

I decided to make my own coasters seeing as it was relatively inexpensive. You can find the link on my Pintrest board but it doesn't take you to the original blog. I simply had to follow the directions left from another Pinner. So to be brief:
  • I bought 4 tiles from Home Depot for .16 cents each (I want to go buy 4 more now!)
  • I had to buy Modge Podge since I did not own any at the time (about $3)
  • I already had scrap book paper
  • I currently need to buy some felt and maybe some clear spray paint (as called for in the directions)
The end result? :)

So the top left coaster is not quite perfection, nonetheless I love them all!

So cute, right? And so easy! I love Pintrest :) It allows me to release my inner crafter! Commit to crafting on of your pins on Pintrest!


  1. So fun! But I like the top left one the best. I might make something like those--larger--to use as trivets. I'm excited to start playing around on Pinterest now that I have some time again.

  2. I looooove this!!! Simple and adorable!

  3. I LOVE THESE, DOLL! They are simply beautiful. When I go to KY this summer we should do a craft together! Again, they look beautiful. Now I want to make some. :)

  4. ROCK IT GURL! They look freaking amazing!