Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Beautiful Soul

We meet so many people throughout our life. A mean, a TON of people if you really think about it. Acquaintances, neighbors, roommates, grocery store clerks--the list goes on and on. But it's those people that touch our life that, corny as it sounds, stay with us forever.

After hearing the death of Michelle Crossan, I couldn't help but to accept the overwhelming feeling of sorrow. I bawled the duration of the night and succumbed to the feelings of losing a good friend. I kept telling Carl about the things I loved about her, and then (being the English major I am) hated the fact that I was talking about Michelle in the past tense. Carl quickly remedied this and reminded me that Michelle still lives. Though she is parted from her body, her spirit is still alive. This is a belief of my religion and I have been comprehending and embracing it more than ever.

On earth, I feel as though Michelle had many dreams and ambitions. She wanted to be a missionary--not literally called on a mission, but be a missionary in her every day life. Her bright spirit and example touched so many people. I know she influenced many to feel the love of the Savior in their life. Michelle had an overwhelming desire to attend the temple. One of her lasts posts was all about the her love of temples. I couldn't help but cry and laugh at one of her comments, "Peace begins with a smile... SO SMILE!" While we are all searching for the peace during this trying time, Michelle still gives us comfort :) In one year, Kristina will be able to do her work; I can't imagine the joy and ecstasy that day will bring.

Michelle is the second person I know to pass away. My grandma was the first. I hope hope hope they meet soon. They would be the best of friends :) Michelle was a friend to all she met, and will create more friendships in this next stage of life. Remember all the joy and life she brought into your life, and this heartache will gradually pass.

I love this picture :)


  1. thank you for your lovly words. not sure if there is any way I can copy them, thank you again. and thanks for not checking my grammer and spellingnot so good at that. most of all thank you for being a great friend to Kristina and Michelle

  2. I'm so sorry Alisa. But you are right, and wise to marry such a smart guy to remind you that she still lives. If you need anything, let me know.

    Love you.

  3. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing alisa! She is greatly missed everyday! I still cry over her passing.

  4. Wow. I knew of her through a friend. I didn't even hear about this until now. How heartbreaking...