Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nature is the art of God

This past Friday Carl and I decided to hike R Mountain to watch the sunset. We had previously watched a new show, Expedition Impossible, and we were inspired to forge large rivers, walk millions of miles, and climb extensive heights. But alas, in Rexburg all we had was R Mountain and it would have to do. We really enjoyed ourselves once we reached the top. It was amazing how fast the sun actually set--I was expecting it to be a gradual descent, but one minute it was there and the next it was gone. It made me think about how fast life goes by. But that is another topic entirely :)

Besides the sun, nature seems pretty constant. It does change with seasons and odd weather patterns, but generally it is always there, inviting us in. I don't think I take as much opportunity to enjoy this gift from God now that school and work are a big aspect of my life. I am always struck in the temple of the things we learn about the creation, and I often wish I could not only understand it better, but enjoy it more. I am quite partial to Kentucky's green-ness with its trees and real grass, but I think God loves all of his creation. This includes the mountains and the dry desert air that currently surrounds me. I hope I can find true, and not artifical, happiness in this western nature before we leave it.


  1. Beautiful! Also, I like the kissing picture. I LOVE kissing!!

  2. we have got to show you our trail! It is amazing

  3. I love this. It's so so true.