Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The "Pumpkin Patch"

What is October without a visit to a pumpkin patch?? For the past couple years Carl and I have {lamely} bought a pumpkin from the grocery store to carve and display at home. But now with Everest going to a pumpkin patch was a MUST! Ironically, Everest fell asleep while we drove through Kentucky's windy roads to the patch, but Carl woke him up once we got there. (For the record, I was against, but was ultimately glad he was woken!) Once we got to Sunny Acre Farms we talked to the owner and set out on a tractor ride to the "patch." They actually cut their pumpkins from their original patch and create simple one to avoid medical issues! We had such a great time!

Sleeping through his first hayride!
Love my man!
The "pumpkin patch." I loved it!
We found our perfect pumpkin!
Still snoozing!
Carl just woke Ev up.
He's probably thinking Where the heck am I??
He couldn't get enough of the big tractor wheels!
Seriously. I'm in love!
The men of my life!
Ev's little pumpkin