Thursday, August 4, 2011


I can't believe in less than a week Carl and I will be leaving our first apartment together. It seems like forever that we have been dying to get out of Rexburg and be in places that are more familiar to us (AKA east coast). Now that we are packing and doing last minute things, we are both starting to feel sad about leaving. I do believe we are both still excited to leave Rexburg, but this was the first chapter of our life, and now we are leaving for the next chapter. What's going to happen? How are we going to change and develop both individually and as a couple? I think an even scarier thought is that we have no idea what we're doing after December.

But perhaps this is part of the adventure of our married life. We have no idea were life will take us, but we must be willing to accept God's will for us and roll with it. We were going to do our internships/student teaching in Utah, but Carl felt that we should try to get out to D.C. And lo and behold we have both lined up our internships for this fall. I think that is one of the biggest secrets of happiness that every member of the Church realizes: that when we follow the Lord's plan, He will take care of us. We've had snares in many of the things we try to plan, but in this one thing that we felt inspired to do--which seemed impossible--was possible. I am very much a planner (like my dad and mom) and so sometimes this is a hard concept to follow. Thank goodness I have a husband who is pretty much the opposite :)


  1. I love this. And you are so right. Accepting the Lord's will and rolling with it is scary and hard (especially for a control freak like myself) but it's the only way to get anywhere good in life.You guys will do brilliantly! I just know it!

  2. That is why they call him your other half :) I'm glad that you are able to listen to those promptings. I just hope I get to see you again someday!!!!